Secure Your Communication

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What is Secure Communication?

Imagine the messages you type and those which are received on the other end could be read by someone you don't know, or have not allowed them to. One solution could be to encrypt them and then transmit over a more secure channel, but the server that is transmitting these messages might be storing them unencrypted.

In order to make the messaging completely secure from the point of origin to the destination, FriendCaller has now introduced Public/Private Key encryption, where the Public Key will be used to encrypt a message and the Private Key will be used to decrypt a message. The Public/Private Key-Pair will be created on your local device. The private key will be held secretly there, while the public key will be published for others to send you encrypted messages. That way, the message can only be decrypted on your device, which holds the private key. Nobody else in the middle can read your message, not even the sender who has actually encrypted the message.

How to enable Secure Messaging?

Look out for the encryption lock icon. Whenever it appears as locked, your communication is secure. An open lock icon means that the communication is not secure.

Encryption Icon

Tapping it will enable or disable secure messaging.


However, if the encryption lock icon is not available, this means that your chat partner has not enabled encryption on his device or has an old FriendCaller version that does not support encryption.


Can Group Messaging be secured too?

Of course, yes! In your group details, you have an option to enable encryption for your group. If this option has been set to a locked state, all members will receive messages encrypted between each other, and only group members will be able to read those messages.

The small lock icon next to your group members' profile pictures will let you know if the member is able to receive secure messages or not. In case they have an open lock icon, then whenever a secure message is sent within a secure messaging group, they will get a notification to update their FriendCaller version or to enable encryption for their account, once the encryption has been enabled by a previously unencrypted group member the owner of the group has to enter the group details view in order to activate this member to receive the encrypted messages. The member should show the closed lock then.


Prevent those prying eyes

As encrypted messages can only be decrypted inside your app having access to your private key, push messages received in our notification center cannot show the message text any longer. Therefore, you will receive just a notification for a secure message.


Notifications can be switched off altogether under security settings within FriendCaller app.


Prefer encryption means, if your chat partner allows encryption you want to send the message encrypted by default. Switching prefer encryption to NO, will send messages un-encrypted, unless you touch on the open lock icon and close it, which then enable encryption for this chat.


Secure Your Communication

Cool, you have been reading through all that text. Now you are ready for secure communication. You will stay private now, where others are public to the world.

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