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How FriendCaller enrich your life!

FriendCaller is one of the most amazing ways to talk with your friends instantly over the internet without any charge. FriendCaller Video Chat feature works directly in your Internet on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without any software installation. FriendCaller is also available as Facebook and mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

FriendCaller's Products

FriendCaller is an All-In-One solution for any common mobile device. It makes it the complete social communication tool by offering exquisite features like Free 7-Way group video calling with an audio access for 20 more participants, Rich media messaging, Personal Phone Number, SMS/texting and cheap VoIP calls to International landlines and mobile phones.

iOS family

iOS Family

FriendCaller Pro is our flagship app. In 2010, FriendCaller Pro became the most successful Social Networking App on iTunes. The iPhone's outstanding audio hardware, in combination with our brilliant VoIP and video technology created a winning iPhone VoIP app with several million downloads.

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Android App for Tablet & Mobile

Turn your Android device into a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone and make voice calls to over 400 global networks and FREE video calls online, saving you big on your monthly cellular bills. Whenever you dial a phone number on your Android device, you choose whether to make the call through your wireless carrier or through the FriendCaller VoIP app.

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FriendCaller's BrowserPhone lets you make video calls right from your browser. It makes Internet calling as easy as writing an e-mail. Send your friends a CallMe link to instantly start a conversation -- no need to register or install software.

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Nokia S40

Nokia s40 based phones are currently the most popular Nokia phones, if not the most successful mobile phone series of all time. FriendCaller for Nokia s40 is available through the Internet telephony installation wizard. Use your existing FriendCaller user ID, or create a new account directly on the phone to start making calls instantly.

All Features at a Glance

FriendCaller Messenger offers Free Group Video Chat, VoIP calls and IM for Android, iPhone & all browsers. Get a personal phone number with CallMe-Link facility; earn Free calling credits from OfferWall and have best quality mobile calls using 3G or Wifi.

Send photos, location information all-for-free and take FriendCaller with you wherever you go!

Secure Messaging

FriendCaller has now introduced Public / Private Key encryption

Video Chat

FriendCaller 7-Way Video Chat - The New Way To Stay Connected

Landline Calls

We only charge for landlines and mobile phone calls.


Share and communicate with your loved ones no matter wherever they are!

Media Attachements

Use Rich Media Messaging service to send images, videos, voice and video messages.

Voice Messages

Is there something important on your mind? Get it recorded on a voice message.

Global Texting/ SMS

Use FriendCaller to send text messages (also called SMS) to more than 400 global networks.

Facebook Connect

FriendCaller promotes access to Facebook accounts to reunite with old friends and colleagues.

Real Phone Number

Turn your browser, iPod, iPad touch, or tablet into a real cell phone

Social Chat

Share our emoticons and smiley faces whenever you message or chat on FriendCaller.

Facebook Connect

Tapping it will enable or disable secure messaging.


Visit our Offer Wall to get Free call credits, watch a short video or download free apps.

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Secure Your Communication

Are you ready to secure your communication?

With FriendCaller secure messaging you will stay private now, where others are public.

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